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FAURIE Jean-Pierre

Artrinet work analysis of FAURIE Jean-Pierre


Classification : A410-B240-C150-D115
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FAURIE Jean-Pierre
FAURIE Jean-Pierre

The classification provides four or more codes placed on four axis (A - formalism, B - matériality, C - involvement body/mind, D - communication). These codes are positionning the artist in the art history.

When looking at the work, what type of formalisation first strikes the eye? Is it more abstract or more figurative, etc ? (on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "realist").
A410 : Individualist Art (Art Singulier) Naïve Art, Folk Art, Infantile Art
expression of cultural identities: from a region (traditional arts ), from a certain time (for example the infantile naive; Chaïbia, ...), from a genre ... including in "savant art": cf. the pseudo-infantile art of Fernando Botero, Niki de Saint Phalle, ...

How does the materiality of what is shown come across?
(on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "real").
B240 : materials or objects in "assemblages", collages/decollages, or installations
meaningful or meaningless objects (or even offcasts of society) when they are assembled with a new spirit:
- to make something aesthetic, as with the "New realists" (Arman, Spoerri, César, …); the "Affichists" (Jiri Kolar, M. Rotella, R. Hains, ...)
- in parody as with the "Simulationnistes" (Haïm Steinbach, ...)
- in many and various other "Installations" as with well known artists (Christian Boltanski, Edward Kienholz, ...) and above all with many artists of the new generation.

With what body:mind ratio does the artist enter into his work?
Classify from the most "intellectual" (e.g."Concept Art"...) to the most "physical" (e.g. "Body Art", ...).
C150 : between
Where the material and corporal necessities of existence confront the multiple questions about its "essence" (from Munch's "Scream" to the Installations of Thomas Hirschhorn, from Karrel Appel's "Scream" to Francis Bacon, ...).

Does the artist have the deliberate intention to convey a message of any sort through his work?
(classified from the most "mystical" to the most "worldly").
D115 : via what is meant in various narrations or symbolisms whatever they may be
allegorical, metaphorical (J. Beuys' "materials", ...), analytical (Mario Merz's "Fibonacci series", or those of Robert Filliou, ...), critical (from Henri Cueco to Hans Haacke or Guillaume Bijl, ...).

FAURIE Jean-Pierre