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ELARS Victor

Artrinet work analysis of ELARS Victor


Classification : A510-A330-B120-C140-C160-D100-D115
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ELARS Victor
ELARS Victor

The classification provides four or more codes placed on four axis (A - formalism, B - matériality, C - involvement body/mind, D - communication). These codes are positionning the artist in the art history.

When looking at the work, what type of formalisation first strikes the eye? Is it more abstract or more figurative, etc ? (on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "realist").
A510 : Forms of "Realism"
Differents ways of observing the realities of the world, from a point of view of: Photos and allied themes
as a record of reality, or a way of working on it (from H.C. Bresson to R. Mapplethorpe ou Bernd et Hilla Becher, ...). Also as materials belonging to aesthetical work (Anette Messager, Louis Jammes, Philippe Cazal, Pierre et Gilles, ...), or as part of a broader formal work (paintings and photos by Peter Klasen; drawings and photos by Jean Le Gac, ...).
A330 : Representative works Work with quiet figures
figures are formally and materially presented in a quiet way (Edward Hopper, Balthus, Edouard Pignon, P. Klossowski, Sam Szafran, A. Garcia Lopez, ...).

How does the materiality of what is shown come across?
(on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "real").
B120 : Immateriality by photography (film or digital)
any "action", or representation, so long as it is made visible as a statement on any backing (cibachrome, perspex, paper, ...). Here, under B120; in fixed images (film or digital: J.M.Bustamante, Philippe Ramette, Cindy Scherman).

With what body:mind ratio does the artist enter into his work?
Classify from the most "intellectual" (e.g."Concept Art"...) to the most "physical" (e.g. "Body Art", ...).
C140 : towards the intellectual side/ the essence of things inward looking work chiefly oriented towards: fantasmagoric
fantasies of all types, be they sexual, social, religious or any other type, so long as there is formal mastery (from Georgia O'Keeffe to Annette Messager, through Clovis Trouille, ...).
C160 : tending towards the corporeal / the senses via expression with "humanity" (the passage from Life to Death)
- in a literal manner (John de Andrea, Duane Hanson, Itsvan Sandorfi, ...)
- or a symbolic manner (James Ensor, G. Rouault, F. Gruber, Zoran Music, Rebeca Stevenson, Jan Vercruysse, ...), ...

Does the artist have the deliberate intention to convey a message of any sort through his work?
(classified from the most "mystical" to the most "worldly").
D100 : via what is meant with a more marked religious feeling
from Alfred Manessier's paintings and Giacomo Manzu's sculptures, to Michel Journiac's "Masses" or Andreas Serrano's "Piss Christ" or the Renée Cox's "tableaux" ...
D115 : via what is meant in various narrations or symbolisms whatever they may be
allegorical, metaphorical (J. Beuys' "materials", ...), analytical (Mario Merz's "Fibonacci series", or those of Robert Filliou, ...), critical (from Henri Cueco to Hans Haacke or Guillaume Bijl, ...).

ELARS Victor