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DUCHÊNE Catherine

Artrinet work analysis of DUCHÊNE Catherine


Classification : A360-B180-C140-C190-D115
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DUCHÊNE Catherine
DUCHÊNE Catherine

The classification provides four or more codes placed on four axis (A - formalism, B - matériality, C - involvement body/mind, D - communication). These codes are positionning the artist in the art history.

When looking at the work, what type of formalisation first strikes the eye? Is it more abstract or more figurative, etc ? (on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "realist").
A360 : Representative works "Expressionist"
Outpouring of the turbulent or even violent inner world of an artist who, unlike with "Abstract Expressionism", does it with the many possible ways of depicting the Figure (from the original Expressionism to COBRA, from "Violent painting" to the "Néo-fauves", ...). Mixed
The expression mixes techniques of Action painting with the use of matter (Emil Nolde, Asger Jorn, John Christoforou, O.Pelayo, Gérard Garouste, Georg Baselitz, Francesco Clemente, ...).

How does the materiality of what is shown come across?
(on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "real").
B180 : Materiality
in painting, but also with all other materials with the following possibilities: mixed materiality: structured / unstructured
when a work is "structured" in its "lack of structure", and vice versa (repetition of forms, signs, matter ... Viallat, Toroni, Degottex, Hantaï,...).

With what body:mind ratio does the artist enter into his work?
Classify from the most "intellectual" (e.g."Concept Art"...) to the most "physical" (e.g. "Body Art", ...).
C140 : towards the intellectual side/ the essence of things inward looking work chiefly oriented towards: fantasmagoric
fantasies of all types, be they sexual, social, religious or any other type, so long as there is formal mastery (from Georgia O'Keeffe to Annette Messager, through Clovis Trouille, ...).
C190 : tending towards the corporeal / the senses the work as the result of an action gestural
the work as the result of a bodily movement, chiefly a hand movement: from Jackson Pollock's "Dripping" to Georges Mathieu's "Lyrical Abstraction", L. Fontana's "perforations" to the flayed figures of V. Vélickovic.

Does the artist have the deliberate intention to convey a message of any sort through his work?
(classified from the most "mystical" to the most "worldly").
D115 : via what is meant in various narrations or symbolisms whatever they may be
allegorical, metaphorical (J. Beuys' "materials", ...), analytical (Mario Merz's "Fibonacci series", or those of Robert Filliou, ...), critical (from Henri Cueco to Hans Haacke or Guillaume Bijl, ...).

DUCHÊNE Catherine